Jack Ma So Michael Jackson For Alibaba's Birthday

Jack Ma
Jack Ma, CEO of Alibaba and also the richest man in Asia, came to his company's 18th anniversary event as Michael Jackson. Ma used a motorbike to get onstage. Onstage, he did some poses using black and gold shirts, the same clothes that Jackson used in the Dangerous World Tour.

While on stage, Ma uses a mask. Therefore 40,000 Alibaba employees who attended the birthday party were surprised when Ma took off his mask.  

They then applauded festively. After removing his mask, Ma then invited a group of people who allegedly executive Alibaba to dance accompanied the song Black or White from Jackson.

Ma is known to often do dramatic things. He succeeded in attracting people with stories about his career before he made Alibaba. Prior to this, he also had a dramatic act.

In the 10th anniversary celebration of Alibaba in 2009, he used a heavy metal wig and performed several scenes from The Lion King in front of thousands of his company's employees.

Ma's decision to celebrate Alibaba's festive anniversary is not unusual, given that since the beginning of this year, Alibaba's financial performance has continued to improve. 

Now, Alibaba valuation has exceeded US $ 400 billion. Ma said, this makes Alibaba as the world's sixth largest company in terms of valuation. Worldwide, Alibaba has 54 thousand employees.