Malaysia Block Game Fight of Gods

Fight of Gods
Appropriate estimates of the newly launched Fight of Gods game on the Steam platform caused controversy in a number of countries. Malaysia is one of the countries that protests with the fighting game of the prophet and the god.

As is known Fight of Gods is a fighting game genre. Only, as the name implies, this game presents the character of a god, a prophet, and even God from a number of religions such as Jesus, Moses, Buddha, Odin, and others.

As a form of protest the government of the State Jiran directly block access to Steam in his country. Blocking is done Malaysian Communication and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) was forced to do following the absence of a response from the game publisher will this.

"This action is needed to protect users and prevent unwanted incidents, ensuring the solidarity, harmony and prosperity of multi-racial and multi-religious societies in the country is the government's primary objective The government will not compromise with any action that could jeopardize this goal" said Salleh Said Keruak, Minister of Communication and Multimedia Malaysia.

Do not want the problem of solvent Valve as owner of Steam finally decided to remove the game Fight of Gods from Steam regional Malaysia. Valve, represented by Doug Lombardi claims to have contacted the developer to discuss the issue.

"We have contacted the developers and removed the game sales, and contacted the Malaysian government to unblock, we apologize for the inconvenience," Lombardi said.

Pubsliher PQube game denied his side did not receive a reprimand from the Malaysian government. They said they were disappointed because they considered the Malaysian government to limit freedom of choice.

"Such freedom of choice is not granted to everyone and the game has been forcibly removed from sales in Malaysia. Although there is no direct communication, we finally accept this reason," the PQube statement said.

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