Microsoft Office 2019 Ready Next Year

Microsoft office 2019
Microsoft Office 2019 will slide in the second half of next year. Indeed, the number of Office 365 users, the cloud version of Office, continues to grow. However, not everyone wants to use Office 365. Office 2019 is for people who do not want to use cloud-based applications and services.

The latest version of Office non-cloud consists of standard applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook, as well as server versions of Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint and Skype for Business.

Office 2019 will also bring more IT and server features to improve the functionality and security of the software.

This is Microsoft revealed in the Microsoft Ignite conference held in Orlando, Florida. Unfortunately, the giant software company has not announced the price of Office 2019.

One of the improvements that exist in the latest version of Office is new formulas and graphics in Excel and new animated features in PowerPoint.

This collection of software will also have better demand features when used on mobile devices, such as the sensitivity of pressure and effects when the device is tilted.

Microsoft said, the preview version of Office 2019 will be launched in the middle of next year. This week, Microsoft focused on explaining their cloud-based products and services. However, they believe, their non-cloud software collection still attracts companies who want to use servers and software in their own offices.

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