Microsoft Open New Store across Apple Store

Microsoft announced plans to open a new store in Regent Street, London, United States (US). Interestingly, the location of this new store is directly opposite the store of one of its rivals, the Apple Store. 

Additional information, Apple has already opened his store on Regent Street. Meanwhile, Regent Street is a street in the Oxford Circus area, the intersection between Oxford Street and Regent Street.

The strategic location makes Regent Street one of the world's premier luxury stores. This is done Microsoft to attract more consumers.

Head of Microsoft United Kingdom, Cindy Rose expressed her happiness on this plan and believes Microsoft's new store is more than a storefront.

"We will bring passion to people who want to develop creativity through our program.This program can unite communities around Regent Street," he said.

Some technology companies have opened his store on Regent Street like Nokia. Unfortunately, the Nokia store has to close for less than two years because its finances are not getting better. In addition, Samsung who once set up his shop in London, although not on Regent Street, experienced similar things with Nokia.

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