NASA Ends Cassini Space Mission After 20 Years

September 15th was one of the most historic moments for the space bounties. On that date, the Cassini spacecraft performed its final maneuver and entered the planetary atmosphere of Saturn. Cassini is a spacecraft that has been 20 years running one of the largest human explorations mission, which is researching the planet Saturn is very well known with the ring.

The Cassini journey began in 1997, when NASA launched the spacecraft into space. The journey to Saturn is not easy and takes up to 7 years.

In 2004, Cassini began to enter the orbit of Saturn. His mission for four years was extended to two times because NASA scientists found an indication of the presence of hydrothermal activity and liquid methane substances in two moons of Saturn.

Starting in 2010, Cassini's mission is extended to 7 years. Its mission this time is slightly different from before, ie observing Saturn from its orbit. On this mission Cassini managed to send a number of photos of the planet Saturn, allowing scientists to be able to explore various mysteries about the planet's ring.

Cassini even had a special maneuver to pass through the row of rings on Saturn. The goal is to observe Saturn's rings material up close.

Last April, Cassini was in position to prepare for his final mission. Cassini's last mission is to plunge into Saturn's atmosphere while directing its antenna to Earth in order to transmit data about the planet's atmospheric conditions.

After that, Cassini will burn in the atmosphere of Saturn and a long mission for 20 years finally officially closed on 15 September yesterday.

Why did NASA choose to destroy Cassini? According to the official website, there are several reasons why Cassini is better destroyed.

The finding of hydrothermal activity and liquid methane substance on Saturn's moon is one of the causes. NASA does not want Cassini to pollute the environment of Saturn, that's why this spacecraft must be destroyed before NASA loses control.

In addition, NASA is likely to hold a follow-up mission to observe Saturn using a new spacecraft. Thus, it would be better that Cassini be destroyed before the new mission begins so that Cassini will not hinder a new mission to Saturn.

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