Netflix Starts Exhibiting The Punisher Trailer

The Punisher
Netflix just released The Punisher footage video. In the video, Netflix shows Frank Castle's brutality, played by Jon Bernthal, as an antihero. Wearing a vest with a skull image that characterized Punisher, Castle pursued a criminal in New York after he found a conspiracy.

In action, Castle will also be hunted by the Department of Homeland Security and the FBI. Castle will not be alone. He will also be accompanied by Microship, Castle's fellow in the comic. From the video footage, The Punisher will carry a different theme from the film adaptation Marvel made by Netflix other.

The Punisher will also discuss about government hacking and conspiracy, which may remind you of the movie Person of Interest or Mr. Robot. Only, The Punisher will also be filled with shootout scenes.

Frank Castle first appeared in Daredevil's second season. At that time, he met with alter-ego Matt Murdock when both were hunting down the alley in Hell's Kitchen. After that, Netflix decided to make the movie The Punisher himself.  

In Daredevil, it has been told Castle's reason for becoming The Punisher. Family death seems to be the focus of the story.

Netflix still has not mentioned when this movie will be aired. Apparently, The Punisher will be released later this year.


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