Nintendo Loses In Court Must Pay US $ 10 Million

Nintendo logo
The jury in Dallas court has just won iLife Technologies in its demands against Nintendo over a patent infringement case. The court decided Nintendo should pay US $ 10 million to iLife Technologies.

Through this demand, which was put on trial in 2013, iLife accused Nintendo of using their technology in Wii Remote manufacturing equipped with motion detection technology.

The technology created and patented by iLife is designed to detect when an elderly person falls. In addition, technology is also used to monitor infants.

The iLife company demanded that Nintendo pay US $ 144 million or US $ 4 per unit of the 36 million units of Wii consoles sold before the charges were put on trial. They also want the court to ban Nintendo using the technology in question.

Meanwhile, Nintendo mentioned that they do not infringe on iLife patents. The Japanese company said the iLife patent was not listed correctly, so the patent was invalid.

At the same time iLife sued Nintendo, they also sued several other technology companies, including Fitbit and Under Armor.

In these two demands the patent in question is the same as the patent on the Nintendo case. However, two cases related to Fitbit and Under Armor were settled out of court. Nintendo also plans to appeal.