Opera Browser Now Supports 360 Degree Video

Opera Browser
The Opera browser announces 360-degree video support for Virtual Reality (VR) devices. The support is presented by Opera through the latest version of the browser, and is compatible with various VR devices such as HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and so on.

"We want to bring the best web browsing experience to our users. That's why Opera is starting to focus on creating and embedding VR players directly into the browser. This certainly allows users to watch virtual reality videos, and standard 2D videos instantly with their VR devices. "Said Executive Vice President of Desktop at Opera Software US, Krystian Kolondra.

The latest version of Opera is equipped with features VR 360 player, which automatically claimed to detect VR devices that utilize the browser.

As a marker of content can be enjoyed in VR format, Opera displays Watch in VR at the top of the video.

Not only supporting 360 degree video formats, the latest version of Opera browser also offers the ability to broadcast standard formatted content. This enables users to enjoy 2D or standard 180 degree formatted content via the device.

In addition, Opera helped display user interface and design simple but intuitive, claimed to increase the pleasure in enjoying video content through the browser.

The presence of this support called Opera is the first step to take in bringing deep and compatible VR experience across all web browsers.

Opera also called his belief that VR will synergize with the sports world and plans to continue to explore the potential in the realm of Virtual Reality. In addition, the presence
ability is also a way Opera facilitate the connoisseurs of VR viewing the content without the need for additional software.

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