Robot Successfully Conducts Mouth Surgery In China

A robot in China successfully performs mouth operations. To be more precise, the robot successfully put 2 dentures into the patient. In the operation, there was no human intervention in the slightest. This mouth operation is performed in Xian, Shaanxi. The operation takes 1 hour.

Indeed, China is experiencing a lack of qualified dentists and surgical robots is considered as one solution to solve the problem. This robot is made by Beihang University and Fourth Military Medical University.

This procedure includes a two-gear making process that can be plugged into humans using a 3D printer.

Both teeth were then implanted in the patient's mouth with a margin of error of only 0.2-0.3 mm, which is mentioned is the standard for the human surgeon.

This surgical robot also has its own advantages if compared with humans. One of them is the robot can maneuver in the small space better. In addition, humans will also be more difficult to see into the inside of the mouth, making the operation becomes increasingly difficult.

Although this procedure is fully done robot, humans still have to arrange it first. Setting is like adjusting the hardware position in the patient and putting the robot in the right position. The robot, after making sure everything is in the right position, then can put the necessary teeth.

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