Samsung Fold Screen Smartphone Will Launch 2018

Samsung announced the important news of its mobile products. Samsung promises to bring a smartphone with folding screen in 2018.

This was revealed by Samsung CEO Dong Jin Koh during the launch session of Galaxy Note 8 in South Korea. Koh revealed, it will add innovation to its current series of phones, Galaxy S and Galaxy Note.

"We have plans to adopt a view that can be folded in our roadmap, we are currently handling some technological hurdles to commercialize such devices," Koh said.

This is the first time the mobile manufacturer has revealed the next product. However, not mentioned which series will be to be used as folding mobile phone.

"We will launch a foldable device when we are fully prepared, and we are looking forward to doing it next year," Koh said.

Koh also expressed his gratitude to loyal users
its gadgets, especially those who want to be patient when Samsung overwhelmed with the incident Note 7.

"We regret the issue of Note 7 and have worked very hard to produce Note 8 so as not to disappoint our loyal fans," he said.

Regarding the sales of Note 8, Samsung has recorded 650 thousand preorder units. The company, headquartered in South Korea, estimates that the number of pre-orders will increase to 800 thousand units this week.

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