Scientists Use Satellites to Predict Malaria Outbreaks

As one of the most dangerous diseases, it is not surprising that scientists are concerned about the spread of Malaria virus in various regions of the world. Recently a new technology allows researchers to monitor these deadly diseases more easily. This new technology utilizes satellite imagery that allows researchers to predict early Malaria outbreaks.

Researchers now use NASA's Landsat satellite to predict malaria outbreaks. Satellites are used to locate moist soil locations that are the ideal location for mosquitoes carrying Malaria to breed.

Combined with other data such as logging data and spreading populated areas, scientists can predict the Malaria outbreak three months earlier.

However, the system is still in the testing phase and still not ready for full use. Scientists estimate the new satellite image utilization system will be ready in the next few years. This technology brings great hope for mankind so that the spread of Malaria can be suppressed, even can be solved.


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