Smartwatch Fitbit Ionic Helps Diabetes Patients

Smartwatch Fitbit Ionic
Fitbit enliven the competition in the smartwatch market with the release of the latest series named Fitbit Ionic in the IFA 2017 event which took place in Berlin on 1-6 September 2017.

What kind of smartwatch greeted positively and judged can challenge Apple Watch this?

Ionic is a smartwatch equipped with 1.45 inch LCD screen, 2.5 GB internal memory, Bluetooth 4.0, up to NFC. Function is focused on health and fitness users.

This is embodied in the PurePulse feature that is able to monitor heart rate, SpO2 Sensor that can measure blood oxygen levels, as well as future-proofing sensors that can perform insight on the health of smartwatch users.

Fitbit also works with Dexcom to deliver CGM (continuous glucose monitoring) features that can measure glucose levels in the body. This is certainly useful for people with diabetes.

In addition, embedded GPS that is able to track running activities, bicycles, a series of sports activities in the gym, or just walking.

Data such as distance and travel time, path through, until calories are burned will appear on smartwatch screen. Ionic can also survive in the water to a depth of 50 meters so as to track the user swimming activities.

Fitbit Ionic is also equipped with Coach features that provide more than 40 types of workouts, one of which is 7-minute workout, by following the instructions on the screen.

Smartwatch that can work through Android, iOS, and Windows system has a battery that can hold up to 4 days. Fitbit Ionic is priced at US $ 299.95 which can be ordered in pre order through Fitbit website.

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