Star Wars and Marvel Movies Will Be Exclusively Served at Disney Service

Disney decided to provide Marvel and Star Wars movies exclusively on its streaming service after the films no longer aired in theaters. Last month, Disney announced that it would launch its streaming service in 2019. The service will focus on showing Disney-made movies.

At that time, it was still undecided whether the service would include all Disney movies including Marvel and Star Wars or he would only show movies for young audiences, such as Disney Channel and Pixar movies.

A month later, it seems Disney has decided the steps they will take. Disney CEO Bob Iger said that Marvel and Star Wars movies will be part of the Disney streaming service. "We will launch a great service and we will provide the most popular films," says Iger.

Featuring Marvel and Star Wars movies and other Disney movies in one service will make the streaming service much more interesting.

People will not be confused about what services they should use. Prior to this, Disney was reportedly interested in providing two streaming services based on the content displayed.

This Disney decision means Netflix, who currently holds an exclusive contract with Disney to broadcast his latest film may not be showing a movie from Disney after 2019, when their contract expires.

When Disney announces that they will create a streaming service, Netflix says that they will continue to work with Disney. At that time, Netflix discussed with Disney to keep the rights to Disney movies. Apparently, Netflix's offer is not interesting enough for Disney.

Iger said they plan to discuss the issue of the price of the Disney streaming service "in the coming months".

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