Steam Can Release Over 5,000 Games This Year

Do not be surprised at the number of games in your steam library that are increasing rapidly. According to analyst Daniel Ahmad and Niko Partners, this year Steam is expected to break the record and release more than 5000 games. That number will be the most in Steam's history to date.

One of the causes of more games in Steam is thanks to the Steam Direct program that replaces Steam Greenlight. 

The program allows developers to introduce the game directly without having to go through the selection process by Steam.

Steam Direct itself has donated more than 1,300 games since June and if that number can be maintained, then Steam will certainly be able to release more than 5,000 games this year.

5,000 games is not a small amount. In Steam's history, the number is equal to the number of games released from 2006 to 2014. However, having many games will also present certain consequences. One of them for developers is the more difficult to bring the game that can attract attention because more and more competitors.

It will only get better because the more tight competition will benefit gamers. Inevitably the developer must make a better game in order to attract attention.