Stephen Hawking Project Detects Alien Life Signs

Stephen Hawking's project, Breakthrough Listen, has detected a mysterious signal that may have come from an intelligent alien life. Astronomers working to identify alien civilizations discovered 15 rapidly recurrent radio bursts (FRBs) from a dwarf galaxy 3 billion light-years from Earth.

It is not clear whether the observed signal for 30 minutes comes from black holes, spinning neutron stars, or whether they represent signs of alien life.

The 15 signals are from FRB 121102. Astronomers have previously detected radio pulses coming from the same source. But recent signals are observed at higher frequencies than previous signals.

Postdoctoral researcher Breakthrough Listen Vishal Gajjar discovered the activity, reported by Astronomer's Telegram.

"This is the highest frequency and the largest bandwidth detection of FRB 121102 obtained to date. This observation, perhaps indicating that FRB 121102 is currently in a state of high activity and continued observation is driven mainly at higher radio frequencies, "the report said.

Hawking founded the Breakthrough Listen project to investigate and identify life signs or intelligent aliens in the universe. Yuri Milner, is also behind the initiative.