There are 200 Suspicious Russian Accounts on Twitter

Twitter has found 200 suspicious Russian accounts. In addition, they also found a Russian media group that bought advertising with the public of the United States as its target, the social media company Twitter said. In this month, Facebook has also announced that it found a group of Russians spending US $ 100 thousand to buy advertising related to political issues before last year's US presidential election.

Twitter also reported that, of the 450 accounts that Facebook found, as many as 22 accounts also have a Twitter account.

Twitter also found 179 other related accounts and has taken appropriate steps regarding accounts that violate their rules.

A total of 3 accounts from Russia Today are promoting 1,823 tweets that may or may not be directed to US society. The media organization that has close ties with the Russian government also spent US $ 274,100 on advertising in the US. Primarily, these ads promote news articles.

Twitter also mentioned that they agreed to make political advertisements more transparent to users as well as to the public. In addition, they will also re-review existing mechanisms regarding ad campaigns.

"We welcome the opportunity to work with the Federal Election Commission and leaders in Congress to review and strengthen the provisions related to political advertising on social media," Twitter said.

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