This Company Offers Sex Puppet Sharing Applications

Sex Puppet
Some time ago, China was enlivened by the presence of a pioneering company that offers bike sharing services. Armed with applications on smartphones, consumers can directly rent bikes available on Chinese streets.

Following the trend, Chinese new companies also offer similar services. But instead of renting out a vehicle, the company offers a sex puppet rental service.

The company released an app called Touch. Through this application, users can rent sex dolls as they wish.

The company provides a sex doll consisting of several characters, ranging from students, waiters, nurses, including Wonder Woman. Consumers can also customize the skin color and hairstyle of the doll.

Not only that, the company also promises an important part of the sex doll is always replaced regularly. Thus, the company guarantees the cleanliness of the sex dolls that it leases.

For customers interested in renting this service need to make a deposit of 8 thousand yuan or the equivalent of $ 1221. The rental fee per day is $ 45. Later, the company will send the doll to the customer's home.

As information enhancement, Touch is a company based in Fujian, southeastern China. The decision to launch this service can not be separated from the outbreak of a company that offers sharing economy in the country's Bamboo Curtain.

According to Touch representatives, this service is intended for middle-class workers aged 20 to 35 years. Currently, Touch application users have reached 53 million and 45 percent of whom are aged in the range of 20 years.

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