This is Tim Cook's Opinion on the Price of iPhone X

Tim Cook
Since it was launched last week, iPhone X gets a lot of public attention. One of them related price, which is US $ 999. However, according to Apple CEO Tim Cook who was interviewed in Good Morning America, the price of iPhone X is a "value price" for the various technologies in it.

Value price is the price that is based on the profit that customers get from a service / product. This comment appears as an answer to the question given by the audience. 

The question is whether Cook felt, the price of iPhone X is still in the reach of the purchasing power of the United States.

Cook does not directly answer that question explicitly. He just mentioned that thanks to many offers, trade-in and discounts from carriers, iPhone X is now becoming much more affordable.

"For the technology you get, the price of the iPhone X is actually a value price," Cook said. "And now, a lot of people are paying for their phones for a long time, and very few people pay directly for the price of the phone itself, and most people also follow the exchange program with their current phones, and that reduces the price of mobile phones, operators even provide discounts and subsidies. "

Cook further said, "So when we look at the functionality of mobile phones, especially the iPhone, how mobile has become a very important part of our everyday life, people want to function richer and we develop technology in order to meet that expectation.

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