Toshiba Offers Chip Division Worth $ 18 billion

Toshiba Logo
Toshiba has sold its semiconductor business to a group led by private equity firm from the United States, Bain Capital. Toshiba's reason for selling its semiconductor division is to offset its US nuclear unit.

Agreement worth US $ 18 billion is indeed aimed at the loss of billions of US dollars Toshiba nuclear division. The Japanese company was virtually excluded from the US stock market for delaying the publication of its financial statements.

If this agreement is approved, this will ensure Toshiba remains a public company. Toshiba is known as the world's number-one chipmaker. The Toshiba Memory unit contributes about a quarter of its total revenue.

Bain Capital has teamed up with SK Hynix of
South Korea and invited Toshiba chipmakers like Apple and Dell to buy the division.

However, it remains to be seen whether Western Digital, who is also interested in purchasing this Toshiba division, will simply step down.

Until last week, the data storage company that owns the company along with Toshiba in the US is expected to win an agreement to buy Toshiba's division. Previously, they had sued Toshiba to court, stating that this agreement could not take place without their permission.

"We are disappointed that Toshiba is making this decision even though Western Digital has been continuously trying to reach a consensus word for the benefit of all stakeholders," Western Digital wrote in an official statement. 

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