Valve Remove 173 Games on Steam

Valve And Steam
Valve just deleted 173 games from Steam. Not without reason, the game was removed because it is known to have been used for activities "Trading Card Farming". All games are created and published by one party and deliberately used for various illegal activities in Steam including Trading Card Farming.

Some games that are known to have been removed are Fruit Candypop, Rage Parking Simulator 2017, SHAPES4, SHAPES5, SHAPES6, and SHAPES7. Everything is a low-class game that just replaced its assets.

Valve instantly deleted his Steam page and is now inaccessible. While those who already have this game can still play it.

According to Valve's official statement, all the games are published by a party called Silicon Echo. They deliberately bring cheap games not for sale, but used to mine Trading Card in Steam.

Utilizing Steam Key features that can be presented for free by the developer, Silicon Echo is said to have made thousands of accounts for his game is played. From there they will get a Trading Card which can then be sold directly at Steamworks.

"We have successfully identified the 'naughty' side who have taken advantage of the features in Steam incorrectly.This activity is widely reported to have disturbed users and developers because it directly affects the activities in Steamworks," wrote Valve.

Valve immediately broke the contract with the company, but it is still unknown whether they will take further legal action.

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