Who Amalia Hernandez is So Google Doodle Today?

Google Doodle Amalia Hernandez
Google Doodle today celebrates the life and heritage of Amalia Hernandez with images of various dancers' positions with colorful backgrounds to illustrate Hernandez's dancing passion. The 100-year-old Hernandez, remembered as Mexico's cultural ambassador, has played an integral role in sharing his country's culture with the world.

Hernandez, a dancer and choreographer, was born in 1917, and danced for much of his life. He is probably best known for having developed Ballet Folklorico de Mexico, which usually brings Mexican dance and music around the world.

The ballet show is still performing today, and has seen more than 22 million people since its launch in 1952.
There are only eight players when the team is launched, but has grown since then. The ballet did not appear on television until 1954, and after that managed to translate the show into a weekly broadcast.

The success allowed Hernandez and the dance team to organize a more ambitious journey, including a tour of North America, and had the honor of representing Mexico at the Pan American Games in 1959.
Amalia Hernandez died in 2000, while working with his daughters and grandchildren. Google Doodle is remembering today.