Xiaomi Also Show Mi Note 3, Like What?

Xiaomi Mi Note 3
Xiaomi surprisingly introduced a new smartphone in the midst of the launch of Mi Mix 2. The new smartphone named Xiaomi Mi Note 3, which is touted as the Mi 6 with a larger screen. Mi Note 3 designs do look like Mi 6 and has a body made of aluminum. However, the most striking difference is that this phone has a larger screen, which is 5.5 inches.

Mi Note 3 also still use two main camera 12MP resolution for each camera sensor. Two cameras are also still using telephoto and wide angle lens, just like Mi 6. The difference, the Xiaomi claim the camera on Mi Note 3 has been improved in software. 

One of the improvements is the algorithm that allows users to take photos blurred background effect better.

Front camera is also claimed to get improvements. The sensor used on the front camera of this smartphone has a large pixel of just 2um. 

In addition, Mi Note 3 also comes with selfie software that is improved. CEO Xiaomi, Lei Jun said users who take selfie with Mi Note 3 do not need to dress up first.

This is because the selfie software on Mi Note 3 uses special artificial intelligence technology to recognize the level and type of beutification needed for the face to look natural. Technology artificial intelligence is even claimed to recognize 256 points on the face.

The beutification system will also be applied not only to women's faces, but also to men. Using technology such artificial intelligence, Mi Note 3 is able to recognize the structure of a person's bones in 3D and can recognize a man's face. As a result, men who use this feature will not be dressed like a woman.

Mi Note 3 is still very similar to Mi 6. This smartphone still uses 6GB of RAM so it is still very good to handle multitasking activities. Unfortunately, the processor used is lower.

Mi Note 3 uses Snapdragon 660, unlike the Snapdragon 835 used in Mi 6. Battery is also slightly different in this smartphone, where Mi Note 3 has a larger battery that is 3,500 mAh compared with Mi 6 which is only 3,350 mAh.

Xiaomi claims face recognition technology on Mi Note 3 is as tight as the fingerprint. This feature is considered very important because the fingerprint has limits such as can not be used when the hand is wet and can not be used when using gloves.