Xiaomi Mi 7 Possible to Have Wireless Charging

Xiaomi Mi 7
Chinese technology company Xiaomi finally follow Apple's steps related to wireless charging for their smartphones. All iPhone models released in 2017 have also been supported by wireless charging technology. Reportedly the flagship smartphone Xiaomi that will come will also be supported wireless charging. This is because Xiaomi reportedly has joined the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC).

The consortium is a group of technology companies aimed at promoting Qi wireless charging platform. Previously, Apple joined the consortium in February 2017, while Xiaomi at that time has not given an official statement.

However, Xiaomi has been enrolled in membership in WPC. Thus, Xiaomi device lovers can prepare to welcome the presence of flagship smartphone Xiaomi next, Mi 7 supported fast charging technology.

Mi MIX 2 was released without the support of the technology, so it may be quite fun if the device without the bezel is increasingly premium with the presence of wireless charging technology.

With the Qi wireless charging system, a device can be placed on a pedestal or cushion connected to a power outlet.

Then, with the help of induction charging or through rolls inside the phone and pads, the magnetic field created can generate electricity.

Along with the many uses of this technology, in the future may be found many bearings that supported Qi system in fast food restaurants. That way, anyone can charge the smartphone wirelessly.

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