YouTube HDR Video Can Be Enjoyed on Mobile

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Google is starting to introduce newer features for the YouTube app on Android devices, the high-dynamic range (HDR) video.

These HDR videos can be played on certain phones with a maximum resolution of 1080p with a frame rate of 60fps. Although there is also a claim that his Galaxy S8 can play HDR video with a maximum resolution of 1440p with a frame rate of 60fps.

The YouTube app update has been deployed since Friday gradually. HDR video support on YouTube has been in existence since November 2016, but there is no support for that feature on the phone yet.

Though already a number of mobile phone screen that supports HDR video. The phones are the Galaxy S8, Note 8, Pixel, LG V30 and Xperia XZ Premium, and that's the device that now supports HDR video on YouTube.

In the future the possibility of Google will add device compatibility to YouTube HDR video.

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