64% of Americans Have Apple Products

Apple company
Apple products almost dominate the United States market, according to a survey conducted by the CNBC All-America Economic Survey. The survey says as many as 64 percent of Americans have at least one Apple product. In addition, the survey also said the average home in the superpower has 2.6 Apple products. The survey results are based on research methods through interviews to as many as 800 residents across the United States, considered not representative of the entire population.

The figure is considered quite surprising, especially given that Apple continues to grow. In 2012 when the first survey done, the number of users of Apple products only reached 50 percent.

But it does not indicate that all citizens have Apple products, even though it indicates people who can not afford to buy Apple products less.

This is not surprising, because the iPhone is a popular device among people with upper economic levels. As many as 87 percent of families in the United States with revenues of more than US $ 100 thousand have at least one Apple device.

The group with the most established economic level also has an average of 4.7 Apple devices per home, compared to one device per home with lower income levels.

Interestingly the results of the survey also mentioned that citizens of the United States on the western side of the country has 3.7 Apple devices per home, while on the south side only has an Apple device with an average amount of 2.2 products.

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