Amazon Studios sever ties with Weinstein Company After Sexual Accusations against Harvey Weinstein

Harvey Weinstein
Amazon Studios is reported to have severed ties with The Weinstein Company following a sexual harassment scandal that struck production company Harvey Weinstein. There have been some 30 women who have filed charges against Weinstein against sexual assault and rape. However, Weinstein firmly denied allegations of rape against him.

According to an official statement, a planned series from Russell starring Julianne Moore and Robert De Niro has been canceled, but for other series involving Weinstein Company will continue to be produced.

"We support Amazon's decision regarding the latest news and to respect all affected parties, we have decided together that it is best not to move forward with the show," said a statement from Russell, De Niro and Moore.

Since the allegations against Weinstein revealed the film mogul has been checking himself into rehab for so-called sex addiction.

In Friday's memo for employees, senior vice president of business development Jeff Blackburn announced to employees that the company would not tolerate such behavior.

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