Android Users Can Use Camera Quickly DxO One

DxO One camera
Two years ago, the company that always reported the quality of every smartphone camera, DxO, released a DxO One camera accessories for the iPhone. Now the device can already be used Android users. DxO One is ready to be released for Android devices, but is limited to devices with USB Type-C port holes.

DxO also explained that the device is still in the early access stage, and it is not known how much it costs.

DxO party only mentioned that the device will be released on 2 November. If you look at the price installed at the beginning of its release two years ago, DxO One sells for US $ 499.

This device also comes with specifications and software that pamper users to edit photos and videos that are documented.

Dxo claims, DxO One has the smallest camera sensor size in the world, which is only 1 inch. From these sensors capable of generating a resolution of 20.2 megapixel camera from fixed lens which has wide focal length 32mm with aperture f1.8 to f11. The range of ISOs provided ranges from 100 to 51,200.

The quality of the resulting image can be in both RAW and JPG formats and there is even a SuperRAW mode that combines 4 images of the same RAW format to produce photos with super sharpness.

For its video recording capabilities, the DxO One is capable of recording 1080 quality videos at 30fps and 720p at 120fps.

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