Apple Investigates iPhone 8 Plus Exploded

Apple iPhone 8 Plus
Apple claims to have known about the iPhone 8 Plus that exploded in Taiwan, and now they are investigating the case.

"We already know and are investigating this," said a brief Apple spokesman.

As is known, previously appeared a report about a woman from Taiwan who claimed his iPhone 8 Plus exploded when in-charge. In fact, according to him, he recharges latest phone battery using Apple's official charger. 

Reports that appear to call the iPhone has been returned to Apple as part of a routine investigation. This is commonly done Apple for every incident that happens every year.

The second case is an iPhone 8 Plus users from Japan who showed the screen latest phone was detached from the body behind it.

This is thought to be due to the same cause as the case in Taiwan, the expanding battery, though not exploding.

This is actually a common thing for the iPhone, and it can not be completely avoided due to the use of lithium ion batteries. A similar case has happened in the iPhone 7 and the previous generation. Chances could happen in the next generation iPhone.

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