Apple Releases WatchOS 4 For Fixed Problem Watch Series 3

Apple's latest smart watch, Watch Series 3 previously reported to have serious problems related to LTE connectivity. Now, Apple tries to solve these problems through operating system updates, watchOS 4. Connectivity issues are making it difficult for smart watches connected to the LTE network. When you're away from your phone, your watch can not connect with unauthenticated public WiFi networks.

Prior to this, Apple has released a statement related to mobile connectivity issues on the device. According to Apple when Apple Watch Series 3 tries to connect with an unauthenticated Wi-Fi network without connectivity, the smart watch can not connect to the mobile network.

Apple at the time said it would bring improvements to the problem in the next software update. Connectivity-related issues are experienced by a number of Apple Watch models that connect to AT & T and T-Mobile cellular networks. In addition, models connected to the AT & T network also encountered problems accessing Siri.

Meanwhile, DxOMark reports its latest test results, comparing the performance of the iPhone 8 Plus camera and Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

In the test results, DxOMark gives both smartphones the same total value, despite having advantages and disadvantages on different sides.

Competing in the realm of smartphones does not mean Samsung can not take advantage of Apple. Earlier reports said Samsung would earn a profit of US $ 110 from every Apple iPhone X sold, thanks to the components of his work used by iPhone X.