Apple Takes LG Display for iPhone Fold?

Samsung is expected to earn a lot of profit from the sale of each unit of iPhone X. Samsung is a supplier of a number of components on the iPhone X, one of which is a curved OLED display. Apparently this advantage will also be felt by LG. Apple will use the flexible display supplied by LG Display for its new folding design smartphone. Meanwhile, LG Innotek business will be called on to produce Rigid Flexible Printed Circuit Board, which will support the phone.

Apple will launch the phone by 2020, giving time for Samsung and LG to start the process early. Both OEMs have long been predicted to launch folding phones.

Speculation in circulation at this time mentions, 2018 will be the first year of the embodiment of the rumor rolling mobile phone launch. The new report is a continuation of rumors circulating last July, calling on Apple to invest as much as US $ 2.6 billion to support the new OLED factory LG.

Apple's cooperation in the development of folding phones and cooperation with LG for the screen in the future has not received confirmation from Apple.

Meanwhile, the CNBC All-America Economic Survey says as many as 64 percent of Americans have at least one Apple product.

In addition, a company called Dow Jones admitted a technical error caused them to provide news related to Apple's purchase by Google. The news caused a furore in the market and was censured as false news.

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