Bandai Namco Announce God Eater 3

God Eater 3
Bandai Namco officially announced the latest sequel to God Eater game. Shown with the name God Eater 3, the game is shown will continue the story of human struggle in the face of a mysterious creature named Aragami. From the first trailer, God Eater 3 is shown to come with better quality graphics than ever before and come up with new content. The new trailer God Eater 3 did not bring much information.

The footage also shows one thing for sure, that players will return to play God Eater, the only special force that can kill Aragami. Not only that, in God Eater 2 it seems the player will be able to use two God Arc.

The use of two God Arcs is displayed in some scenes at the end of the trailer. Players shown can use two swords.

In addition, in both hands of players now there is a bracelet God Arc so it can be concluded if God Eater 3 will eventually have a feature that allows players to use weapons in both hands of his character.

Another interesting point is the new Aragami presence. From the first God Eater to God Eater 2, not much new aragami has emerged.

The presence of a new Aragami will certainly enrich the game and make it more challenging so players do not feel bored.

Until now Bandai Namco has not announced when God Eater 3 will be released, even its release platform has not been announced yet. We predict this game will at least be released for PlayStation 4 and PC.