Classic Game Stronghold 2 Back in Steam

Stronghold 2
One more classic game re-activated via Steam. This time it was the turn of Stronghold 2's re-released strategy game on Steam. Classic RTS game with the theme of medieval warfare is re-present with multiplayer system and support Steam Workshop. This is not the first time Stronghold 2 has been present in Steam.

Previously, the game was already present in the sales package called The Stronghold Collection. Unfortunately, the game's multiplayer feature has been inaccessible since 2014.

This time the game again comes with the name Stronghold 2: Steam Edition and presents various features including multiplayer.

In addition, the latest version of Stronghold 2 will come with updated graphics, as well as new map and battle mode content.

For those of you who still do not know, Stronghold 2 is a classic RTS game released in 2005. The game invites you to become a commander in the medieval period and create a defense system or stronghold to stem the attacks of your enemy.

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