Hundreds of Thousand Spectacles Do Not Sell

Spectacle was one of the most popular winter gifts, but their popularity soon declined after the season ended causing new problems for Snap Inc., Snapchat's parent company. Snap estimates demand for Spectacles will continue to increase after the holiday season ends and order hundreds of thousands of additional units. However, after being marketed to a wider consumer, Snap predictions do not occur, so the unit is still stored neatly in the warehouse Snap.

Meanwhile at the beginning of this month, CEO Snap Evan Spiegel called his company has sold more than 150,000 Spectacles. The amount is considered little in the context of having hundreds of thousands of units stored in warehouses and waiting to be sold.

The figures are reportedly also included units that have not been assembled with parts that are potential for use in other products. Spiegel also tried to describe the Spectacles as their successful product and became a good start in the hardware realm.

Spiegel also claims to have beaten Apple's first iPod sales, a comparison intended to portray the success of their spectacles. Spiegel also mentions hardware will be an important product for Snap within ten years from now.

Currently Snap is reportedly supported by 150 employees on the hardware team, although not yet certain the product developed by the team.

The information previously circulated indicates that Snap developed the drones, even though later discontinued the development process.

Other rumors indicate that Snap also plans to expand into the realm of Augmented Reality spectacles, although this plan is judged to be a difficult time. The plan also puts Snap in the realm of competition with Microsoft and Facebook, which Apple will overtake as long rumored.

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