Doctors Can Detect Cancer at His Neck Wear iPhone

Butterfly iQ iPhone
US vascular surgeon John Martin found a cancer cell on his own neck when using a portable ultrasound device called Butterfly iQ. Butterfly iQ has a design like an electric razor. To use this device you need to connect it to your iPhone. After that, point the Butterfly iQ to the part of the body you want to check. On the iPhone, a black and white ultrasound image appears.

Given Butterfly iQ has a size that is not large, then it is easy to carry. Its small size allows it to be used in ambulances or at home.

Butterfly Network, the company that makes this device say they want to complement the software from this device with artificial intelligence (AI) so that even the layman can use it.

Events experienced by Martin managed to prove the usefulness of this smart medical device. Indeed, Martin was not a cancer specialist, but after he saw the ultrasound image from Butterfly iQ, he knew enough that there should be no black clumps around his neck.

And after detecting cancer in his neck, Martin was undergoing radiation treatment as well as surgery. Butterfly iQ will go on sale in 2018 for US $ 1,999.

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