Dow Jones believes Google will buy Apple

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Dow Jones, the company that provides the latest news also insight or insight about the market, makes false news that Google will buy Apple. Dow Jones party said, this happens because of a technical error. Dow Jones not only makes one wrong notification regarding the purchase. They also made some notifications about Apple's purchase by Google.

The search company is rumored to be getting 9 pieces of Apple shares for each of their own shares. In addition, mentioned, this purchase is part of the testament Steve Jobs. Google also mentioned will take over Apple's headquarters.

Google can buy Apple for US $ 9 billion, which of course sounds suspicious. Apple certainly will not sell his company with just that amount, no matter what Jobs wants. This error was noticed by 9to5Mac, who reported that Apple shares rose thanks to this news. Google shares also rose.

When asked if this error occurred because Dow Jones was hacked, Director of Communications, Steve Severinghaus said, "We are not hacked." After that, Dow Jones issued an official statement.

Dow Jones said, "This content that we will not publish, was inadvertently published as part of a tech test."

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