Dubai Police Can Now Fly

Hoversurf Scorpion
Dubai, United Arab Emirates, wants to be the first future city in the world, after some time ago often announced the implementation of the latest technology. If yesterday Dubai became the first city to test a flying taxi, now the police in the city are flying. Police in the city will use a hoverbike flying vehicle to do their work, especially those requiring quick or emergency response.

This technology adds to the list of sophistication possessed by the police in the city of Dubai after they are equipped with luxury sports cars for patrols, then intelligent drones that can catch the perpetrators of crime, as well as police robots who can patrol. Hoverbike this time has a look similar to the one in the movie scene Star Wars.

Vehicle named Hoversurf Scorpion was first exhibited in the event Gitex Technology Conference in the country.

According to VIP Security Department of Dubai Police First Sergeant, Ali Ahmad Mohammad, this new vehicle will be used in emergencies, and able to make police officers monitor congestion on the road from the air.

Russian-made vehicles are also called able to go alone for a period of time with a distance of 4 miles or 6 km.

This electrically powered vehicle is capable of carrying loads of up to 600 pounds or the equivalent of 200 kg. Hoversurf capable of driving for 25 minutes with a maximum speed of 43 km per hour.

Hoversurf CEO Alexander Atamanov announced on his Facebook page that Dubai police had signed a partnership with the company for the mass production of this particular vehicle for the city of Dubai.

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