Formula Intel and Mobileye Ensure Autonomous Vehicles Are Very Safe

Autonomous Intel
Intel along with Mobileye announced that it has developed a mathematical formula that ensures that autonomous vehicles can travel safely and precisely, thus minimizing the occurrence of minimal accidents. The research results of both companies have even been released through an academic paper that proves the validity of the formula calculations they make. As is known, Intel is being aggressively developed artificial kercerdasan for autonomous cars.

Mobileye itself is a driver safety developer company and assistanve driver from Israel who rely on camera devices and processing software which in August was officially acquired Intel.

The Sensitive Safety Responsibility Model introduced by Intel and Mobileye is claimed to be able to provide specific and measurable parameters for every autonomous vehicle safety concept, so that it can support the realization of a safe world when half the vehicles traveling on the road are autonomous cars.

According to Mobileye CEO, Amnon Shashua, autonomous cars can go without causing an accident when autonomous vehicles are in one way with vehicles still controlled by humans.

In his speech, Shashua requested that the autonomous vehicle industry and the government as policy makers, can set up collaborative standards that make clear rules when autonomous vehicles are involved in accidents with human-controlled vehicles.

Shashua argued that the ability to admit mistakes is key. Just like the best human racers in the world, swak driver cars can not avoid accidents because the action is out of their control.

"Responsible, conscious, and careful drivers are highly unlikely to cause accidents because of their own mistakes, especially if they have 360-degree vision and fast reaction times like autonomous states," Shashua explained.

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