Google Assistant Can Now Play Songs from Spotify

Google's virtual assistant, Google Assistant, comes with an update that makes it smarter. In addition to guessing the title of the song being played, users can also ask Google Assistant to be able to play songs directly through third-party applications. The first app that supports this smart ability is Spotify.

However, Google Assistant's new capabilities are only present in the newest smartphone two Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL.

Simply paste the smartphone into the music you're playing, and turn on Google Assistant to ask the title of the song you're playing.

Google Assistant was previously able to play music just from Google Play Music. Spotify does not yet have full access to play music.

Users can now ask Google Assistant by saying, "Ok Google, turn on rock music right from Spotify" and the song will automatically play right away.

This support can be used by Spotify customers for free and paid. For the record, to be able to use these features, users must set Spotify as the default music player application in Google Assistant settings.

The account used in Spotify must also be the same as the Gmail account used in Google Assistant. Google Assistant's latest capabilities are known to be sliding in a few weeks. That way, all Spotify users around the world no longer have to bother playing music manually.

"Google Assistant is a so-called conversational virtual assistant, who can really respond to dialogue well between users with Google and can help solve things in everyday life," said Google CEO Sundar Pichai.

Pichai emphasizes the meaning of conversational because Google Assistant is claimed to understand exactly what the user asked.

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