Google Find Ads from Russia on YouTube and Gmail

Google Company
Google finds new evidence that the Russian government is using their various platforms to spread propaganda. The report comes after reports of investigations by Facebook and Twitter. Both claim to have found propaganda advertisements from the Russian government on their social media. This ad is intended to influence US citizens ahead of presidential elections in 2016.

Google's investigation is still in its infancy. Google mentioned still trying to separate false advertising with the actual ads. Google has reportedly found advertising worth tens of thousands of dollars on their various platforms, including YouTube and Gmail.

"We have strict ad-related regulations, including restrictions on political advertising and a ban on advertising based on race and religion," a Google spokeswoman said.

"We are trying to conduct a deeper investigation to investigate efforts to deceive our system, we work with researchers and other companies and we will provide the necessary assistance in this investigation."

Last month Facebook reported that the Russian government had made ads worth at least US $ 100 thousand as part of propaganda. Then, the social media company said that the ad reaches up to 10 million people.

Companies that buy ads on Facebook are different entities from companies that buy ads on Google. Last week, Twitter also announced that it had deleted 200 Russian-related accounts. Google is rumored to find this problem when searching Twitter related data.

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