Google Loon Balloon Helps Disaster Victims in Puerto Rico

Google Loon
If Tesla yesterday sent aid to power plants in Puerto Rico, it is now Google's turn to send help to channel the internet as a means of communication. The alphabet that overshadowed Google just got the official permission from the United States Federal Communications Commission to be able to send help with Google Loon in providing telocomommunication services in Puerto Rico that were paralyzed by Hurricane Irma.

Based on data from the Puerto Rican, 90 percent of the country's communications technician's service infrastructure tower is not working. Therefore, the presence of Google Loon to transmit internet connection is considered capable of accelerating recovery in the area of the rest of the disaster.

The steps taken by Google Loon are similar to the help given earlier this year, while helping to restore telecommunication services in Peru because of hurricanes and flash floods.

Google Loon will fly and connect with on-site telecommunication service providers to build temporary infrastructure.

There will be 30 Google Loon balloons flying within 20 kilometers of the sky. This balloon becomes an intermediary of telecommunication services emitted from ground transmitters. Each balloon will deploy telecommunication service connections for an area of 5,000 kilometers.

Google said the technology requires configuration on gadget devices to connect so Google will also ask vendors to provide system updates for their devices.

Google Loon is a Google project aimed at providing telecommunication services, especially the internet for half the world's unreached population.

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