Google Photos Free for Pixel 2 But only until 2020

Google Pixel 2
One of the features that Google sells to Pixel 2 buyers is the unlimited free Google Photos service at full resolution. But it was only until 2020. Google Photos actually does free its services for all users to store photos, but photos stored are compressed photos. As for uncompressed photos is limited to the capacity of Google Drive owned.

However, Pixel 2 and Pixel users can store unlimited uncompressed photos. And this feature is staying digadang Google better than iPhone users with iCloud it.

"Pixel users take twice as many pictures of iPhone users and they save about 32 GB of photos each year.If you use Apple iCloud, after a few months you have to pay, but with Google Photos, you get unlimited full resolution backups. called Brian Rakowski, who is also Vice President of Google Product Manager.

But this free service was limited to 2020 only, after that Pixel 2 users can only save photos with high quality resolution, or maximum photos with 16 megapixel resolution or 1080p video.

Fortunately photographs that have been
already kept in full quality can still be accessed by the user even though it has passed the year 2020. Google considers that Pixel 2 users will change their mobile phone before it expires.

"We know that people will usually change their phones every two to three years including for Pixel 2, so we offer free storage according to that fact," wrote a Google spokesman.