Google Prepare Smart Speaker Competitor Amazon Echo Show

Google Speaker
The success of Amazon Echo creates a high demand for products in a category now known to the public as smart speakers. This prompted Google to launch an Echo competitor in November last year. On the device, Google takes advantage of Google Assistant as a virtual support assistant, similar to Alexa on Echo devices.

According to the latest data Amazon controls more than 70 percent of intelligent speaker market, while Google reaches 25 percent.

Google also decided to remove YouTube from Amazon Echo Show, Echo version with 7-inch screen support.

Google claims that Amazon has eliminated the ability for users to subscribe to channels, as well as get autoplay options.

Making the changes unofficially allows Google to pull the streaming video app from the Echo Show. Meanwhile, rumors say Google will produce new intelligent speakers with the Manhattan node name.

This model will be equipped with 7-inch screen, similar Echo Show, and provided YouTube, Google Photos, and possibly Netflix. Similar to Google Home, this product will be able to control smartly used devices and equipment internally.

Such devices and equipment include televisions and stereos, locks, lamps, thermostats, and so on. To make it easier for developers to create apps for those products, this device will use the Android operating system.

Google originally planned to release its new smart speakers in mid-2018. However, Google will face a new competition from Microsoft Invoke soon to be launched, intelligent speakers from Sony and Apple HomePod are predicted to be launched in December.

The emergence of the competition is expected to push Google to speed up the development process, so the device launch will be earlier than previously predicted. There is also the possibility that Google will reveal information related to Manhattan on October 4th.

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