Google Promise Fix Pixel 2 Navigation Keys

Pixel 2
Google confirmed it will roll out improvements in the form of software updates for Pixel 2 devices. Previously, Google reportedly quietly added back the menu buttons in the navigation bar, which came to be known as bugs. Previously, the menu button was one of the most used keys on the navigation bar. However, Google then removes the button and replaces it with Recent Apps functionality available from Samsung Galaxy S4 until the device before Pixel 2.

In Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL, the functionality of this bug is concealed so that it can not be found by the user. This button does not work in all applications, and generally because this functionality has been out of force for several years.

If it still works properly, this button is considered to be very helpful to users, especially on larger sailing devices, Pixel 2 XL.

To use it simply tap on an empty area on the right side of the Recent Apps button. If the app supports it, the user will feel the vibration and the menu will open.
The functionality in Google Chrome makes it easy for users to access commonly used features, such as sharing menus without the need to take other steps. This feature is considered a bit difficult to navigate.