Google Releases Pixel Buds with Translator Features

Google Pixel Buds
Along with the launch of Google Pixel 2, the Internet giant also introduced an additional accessory called Pixel Buds. This product is the first wireless earbud made by Google that is designed to be used with Pixel. Unlike Apple AirPods, Pixel Buds still uses a cable to connect the two earbuds. As is known AirPods present in the form of a separate earbud that can be directly pinned on the ear.

In addition to listening to music or other purposes, Google also provides this accessory with additional capabilities. One is the function to access Google Assistant by tapping the right side of the earbud.

This function also allows Google Assistant to read notifications or messages directly from Pixel Buds. Another feature that is not less interesting is the integration of Pixel Buds with Google Translate. 

This integration allows Pixel Buds to translate spoken words directly. The results of the translation will be shown and played through a smartphone.

For now the ability of Google Translate on this device has reached 40 languages. In terms of endurance, Google called Pixel Buds can burn for about five hours in a single charging.

Google also equip these accessories with charging cases that offer charging for a full day. Currently Pixel Buds can already be ordered in pre-order at a price of US $ 159.

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