Huawei Honor Bezel-less and Double Camera Invitation

Huawei's invitation
After showing off some of the flagship devices to be released, Huawei seems to be setting up its flagship smartphone by the end of the year. An outstanding invitation has been spread by Huawei, which contains information on the launch of the latest Huawei device on December 5 in London, England. Interestingly, from the implied point of view it seems that Huawei will introduce a premium smartphone segment.

If true then this year became the year Huawei released more than one premium smartphone and could be stolen before other vendors also release their flagship smartphone in early 2018.

The clearest first clue is shown in the left corner of the invitation, which is very clear honor text is one of the variants of Huawei's flagship smartphone. Honor is Huawei's middle-class smartphone line that boasts the capabilities of its camera.

For the camera we can see the next clue in the bottom left corner of the invitation earlier. It can not be estimated what the hashtag meant. However, the two circles can be interpreted as a symbol of two cameras. This allegation is quite strong because the feature is indeed a trend in a variety of the latest smartphone.

One of the circles is filled with a blue color with a little line on the right and left edges, looking like the head of a robot.

If true then assumed Huawei smartphone this time also show off artificial intelligence technology that some time ago exhibited by Huawei Kirin 970.

The Kirin 970 processor is Huawei's highest series and comes with artificial intelligence technology. So this becomes a weapon or selling point of the smartphone to be released.

Turning to the bigger clue that two white frames with curved corners placed on the center of the invitation can be estimated as the design of the smartphone to be diriled.

Seeing the shape of the frame is already just a line on the right and left and slightly thickened in that part that can be interpreted that Huawei smartphone to be released carrying a thin bezel. This is also reinforced with the phrase 'max your view' which means the screen size will be wider.

You will also find other selling points of this smartphone to be released, ie the popular bezel-less design. However, because it consists of two frames, it can be assumed the smartphone is present in two versions, or maybe this will only be the front and rear of the smartphone.

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