Huawei Launches Foldable Smartphone Next Year

Huawei logo
Screen almost without the center bezel a design trend that is loved smartphone manufacturer throughout the year 2017. The screen was first carried by Samsung Galaxy S8, and followed by the iPhone X and a number of other smartphones. The popularity of the screen design is considered to bring new trends in 2018, namely folding smartphones. ZTE became the first manufacturer to try to bring this trend into the market through the Atom M smartphone, combining two screens with hinges.

This appealing device should face competition from the device with more affordable price offer, the Axon 7. Huawei reportedly did not want to miss and develop folding smartphone that will launch in 2018.

Huawei Consumer Business Group CEO Richard Yu mentioned that the company he leads has a prototype of development, but rather emphasizes the need for better design and innovation. These features are valued more than just a novelty for tech fans.

The presence of this feature is considered to be one way that Huawei is expected to beat competitors and make it as the largest smartphone manufacturing in the world. Meanwhile, Huawei is not the only company that plans to explore the folding smartphone market.

Previously Samsung is also reportedly planning to launch a smartphone design can be bent in 2018. The Samsung device will come with a single flexible display, in line with rumors related to folding phones.

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