IGN Acquisition of Humble Bundle

Humble Bundle And IGN
The news is quite surprising coming from the Humble Bundle. One of the gaming platforms on PC is reportedly recently acquired by IGN, one of the world's largest gaming media. Not yet known the value of the acquisition, which obviously Humble Bundle will certainly operate as usual.

"We chose IGN because they understand our vision and have the same passion for the game. IGN also supports our mission that provides digital content for charity," said one of the founders of Humble Bundle, Jeffrey Rosen in the official announcement.

Humble Bundle will operate as usual and will not be disturbed by IGN. The Humble Bundle will still operate independently and unlike IGN.

While IGN says they will only support the Humble Bundle by providing a variety of needs and resources.

"IGN will support Huble Bundle through the addition of resources, so our community has access to a variety of content in it, even easier for their monthly charity activities," says IGN founder John Graham.

Humble Bundle itself is known as a gaming platform that provides bundles of PC games at very affordable prices. Not infrequently you can get the game for free. Humble Bundle also often do charity activities through the sale of game.

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