iPad Pro Next Year Will Have Face ID?

iPad Pro
Although the first iPhone with Face ID is not yet available in the market, rumors have emerged that Apple will use its face recognition technology on other devices. Analyst KGI Securities, Ming-Chi Kuo, which is known as a reliable source, said that iPad Pro is launched next year will be equipped with a camera that can calculate the depth and Face ID technology.

According to local information is still too soon to know the truth of this rumor. Therefore, you should not trust Kuo's records completely, especially since devices with Face ID are not even available in the market, which means Apple still does not know how consumers will react to the technology.

But if this prediction is true, Apple has two ways to embed Face ID on the iPad Pro. First, they can install the camera on the top bezel of the iPad, adjacent to the front camera. The second way is to overhaul the design of the iPad Pro so it resembles the iPhone X.

It is unlikely that Apple will take the second option. Creating an iPad with a thin bezel does not only cost more production, but it also takes longer. In addition, if the iPad is made into a similar iPhone X, then he will also lose the Touch ID.

In his note Kuo predicts that next year's Face ID will appear on more iPhones. Unfortunately, he did not provide a detailed explanation regarding this. Previously, he wrote that the iPhone launched in 2018 will be equipped with Face ID if the technology is considered successful this year.

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