iPhone 7 More Selling from iPhone 8

iPhone 8
More people are buying the iPhone 7 which was released last year than the recently released iPhone 8, citing analysts from KeyBanc Capital Markets and surveys conducted by operators in the United States and Britain. Though usually the latest iPhone will be very popular among consumers a few weeks after he was introduced.
Both iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus have been on the market since September 22nd. However, people's interest in both phones is much lower when compared with the popularity of the iPhone 7 in the last year.

This reinforces the notion that many people await the iPhone X, which will be available on the market on November 3rd. It seems that the iPhone X is one reason people are reluctant to buy the iPhone 8.

Last year, the iPhone 7 was so popular that Apple managed to sell 78.3 million units in the, which is a record for Apple. Since then the sale of iPhone 7 has gone up again. One reason for its declining price, to US $ 649, since the launch of the new iPhone in September.

Meanwhile, the price difference iPhone 8 with iPhone 7 is still quite far away. iPhone 8 is priced at US $ 699.

Apple's new mobile phone is equipped with new features such as charging wireless battery, better camera and OLED display, but according to the survey, all this is considered insufficient to convince consumers to buy a more expensive iPhone 8.

Analysts also claim, the reason people are less interested in the iPhone 8 is a less attractive offering when compared with the iPhone 7 years ago.

While many people allegedly await the presence of the iPhone X, Apple is suspected to be difficult to produce the most premium iPhone.

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