It's Google's Response Problem Screen Problems Pixel 2 XL

Google Pixel 2 And Pixel 2 XL
One week after announcing it was actively investigating the burning screen report on Pixel 2 XL, Google announced the results of the investigation. Google defends the Pixel 2 XL screen, but says it will scroll through updates to expand the areas that can be covered by certain color systems. Not only extending color, the update is aimed at Google to protect the screen from burning opportunities. Google also offers a two-year warranty for two new devices, Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL.

In the Google Pixel support forum, VP Product Management, Mario Queiroz said, his investigation to provide Google confidence related to the benefits of Pixel 2 XL screen in accordance with the expected Google. Nevertheless, Queiroz also called to prepare steps to deal with concerns that complained users.

There is still no definite information associated with the shadow that appears on the Pixel 2 XL screen is a true burning condition, or only effects on the screen.

Google said it has tested Pixel 2 XL and the test results revealed that no worse than other phones are related to screen burning conditions.

The burning impression appears on every display panel from time to time due to aging panels, and Google believes that the conditions experienced by Pixel 2 will not be worse when compared to other phones. Google says it will roll out solutions to reduce the difference of panel aging on devices through software.

The software being tested by Google aims to improve the protection of those issues, by adding a new fade to the navigation bar buttons at the bottom of the Pixel screen after a short period of inactivity.

In addition, Google also mentions the middle of developing more applications that utilize the color of the navigation bar to suit the color scheme of the application.

The update will also reduce maximum brightness on Pixel 2 XL by 50 cd / m2 (nits), significantly reducing the load on the screen with barely detectable changes.

Queiroz also added that it will roll the software with the support of a new saturated color mode in response to user complaints related to color gamut.

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